What you receive when the Curriculum is purchased

The Power of PATH Curriculum is an innovative approach to mental health and suicide awareness created by Tasha Schuh, a national speaker, writer, and advocate for youth. Along with her team of mental health and education professionals, Tasha delivers six lessons that will empower your students, grades 6-12, to build a foundation of resiliency, empathy, and the power of connection.

Here is a full breakdown of what the curriculum includes:

  • Six lessons of mental health and social-emotional learning that will empower your students (throughout one year or as an ongoing experience) to build a foundation of resiliency, empathy, and the power of connection. 
  • Teacher scripts and calendars for easy implementation and delivery of the curriculum. 
  • Block Scheduling vs Skinny: PATH lessons provide essential information for delivery in a traditional 45-50 minute class with opportunities for extended activities and bonus/optional content, ideal for today's popular Block Scheduling. This also can be taught during advisory/homeroom time. Calendars lay out these options for easy implementation, or we can work with you to customize your calendar and delivery pace.
  • Customer service: We are available (via our tawk.to app) and promise a 24 hour response time if you have any questions throughout the implementation process. We want to partner with you to make sure that this is a success for your teachers and your students. 
  • PATH is accessed through an online platform called Teachable so that you always have the most improved version of the curriculum in real-time.
  • Evidence-based and Research-based Content: This is designed to support social, emotional, and cognitive adolescent growth. Lessons 2-5 include a “Check the Facts” highlighted section to remind participants that research supports the health benefits of PATH. Beyond our professional bibliography, or SAVE Certification, CDC endorsed content, and contributors list of talented team researchers and writers, we have extensive information about how our curriculum is evidence-based.
  • Impact Videos and Engaging YouTube Links: These videos range in length from 2–10 minutes. Impact Video: Lesson 1, which introduces Tasha Schuh and her story to your students, is slightly longer. Linked movie trailers provide pop culture “hooks” to ensure PATH is not only academically sound, but relatable for a young audience.
  • Activities and Assignments: These include group and individual tasks, project-based learning with rubrics, and vital discussions to deliver the focus for each lesson. Vocabulary lists/teacher guides and keys are included since the language of PATH is a key component for student retention. The lasting power of PATH after completing the program relies upon the depth and variety of delivery methods while experiencing PATH.
  • Journal Topics and Questions: Tasha Schuh's approach to the power of Journals and self-expression is called “No Fear Writing” and is clearly defined in Google Slides for your students' viewing. An engaging Journal template is provided to the instructor along with full photocopy rights and fillable PDFs for students to journal through an online platform such as Google Docs/Classroom, Schoology, Canvas, etc.
  • Self-Report Exit Surveys: Students submit these self-assessments to the Instructor, with permission to share with your school's counseling department. These surveys provide closure for each lesson and feedback that students are understanding/learning the PATH Curriculum. Teachers may grade students if PATH is part of course credit. In addition, each lesson includes a final question for students to privately self-identify for additional help or counseling if needed.
  • Bonus Material: Turn these six lessons into an expanded mental health unit if your schedule allows for more depth on self-identification, healthy relationships, and suicide awareness. Every lesson allows you to click Bonus Material to find this enrichment.
  • Optional Readings: Excerpts are included from Tasha's books, My Last Step Backward and My Next Move Forward, as well as other links and discussion questions for articles Tasha has written or secured from research-based resources. Some of Tasha's chapter excerpts provide Readers Theater instructions to deepen the experience by adding a reading/literature component.
  • Ease in Lesson Plan Delivery: Many instructors will find the first grid within each lesson plan to be fast and efficient. Those looking for more detail may want to use the second grid: A script with word-for-word instructions. Read this to your students or modify the wording to accommodate your pace and style.
  • Two Modes of Delivery: Teachers may choose between printing the PATH Curriculum full PDF or using the Dashboard to preselect content as needed.